Friday 15 March 2013

getting organised

I shall start putting up posts and pictures soon.

I think the correct words to use are: Website Under Construction!

This blog will be about malt, beer and ale, maltsters and brewers, how to make an authentic prehistoric brew and how it was made in the past.

These are ancient crafts.

The archaeological evidence exists but it has been overlooked.


  1. Really looking forward to your future posts. I'm a keen amateur brewer and I like the idea of making an authentic prehistoric brew.

    Very impressed that you're going to grow your own barley. I've visited Orkney a number of times so I'm familiar with the challenges the climate presents!

    Good luck with the cultivation and brewing - looking forward to future updates.

    1. hello and thanks for your enthusiasm. It is very much appreciated. I think bere, the ancient strain of barley that I hope to grow, has grown well on Orkney for millennia. So it should be ok! Fingers very much crossed though. I am more concerned with how to harvest it in a stone age way - I think plucking the ears will be fine. The steeping I can deal with - use a local stream. But threshing? How will I do that authentically? And winnowing? And malting - I have an account of traditional malting methods used up here that I will follow ...

      I think I have set myself a tricky task and we shall see how far I get. I am prepared to learn by failure!

      My husband is the brewer and so, although I know the theory, I have never yet made a beer myself. So that I have to do as well. :-)
      cheers! merryn