I have a facebook page - do join me there if you're interested - lots of gossip about malt, ale, beer, archaeology and brewing. 

Also a twitter page. 

My thesis and published papers can be downloaded from, I think research should be shared and discussed. Some papers were co authored with Graham Dineley, a home brewer of fine real ales and beers. 

NB You have to be a member of in order to access the site and download papers. It costs nothing to join and register as a member. I joined in 2010 when there were less than 200,000 people there. Now there are many more, and you do not have to be "an academic"  to join. There is a category for Independent Researcher. Here is my page:

This page on Orkneyjar sums up some of my thoughts on the British Neolithic and bronze age, malting and brewing and the idea that grain could have been a status crop, not a staple. For some reason it has been deemed 'controversial' by some academic archaeologists and they don't want to discuss it with me. Thankfully, not all archaeologists think like this!

I had an interesting interview with Courtney Quirin, she is the science writer for 

"Billy and Dec's Bronze Age Beer"- brewing in a fulacht fiadh. Classic, innovative and utterly brilliant. 

I sent some of our Bronze Age Brew to Past Horizons and BAJR man David Connolly. Here are his thoughts.